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Group: 12 regular xp, 3 arcane

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01[18:40] <thomamelas> Hello!
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01[18:41] <thomamelas> Hello!
[18:41] <mranthropy> Hey!
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01[18:46] <thomamelas> Hello!
[18:46] <jacobkosh> Hey, everyone!
[18:46] <desc> hey guys
[18:47] <jacobkosh> so I bought a new furnace today, but it won’t be installed till next Monday, and it’s gonna get down to 25 tonight, so I am doing my best human burrito
[18:48] <desc> d’oh
[18:48] <mranthropy> No furnace?
[18:48] <mranthropy> Man, that blows.
01[18:48] <thomamelas> You have my sympathy. I used to live in an unheated basement room. Burrow deep!
[18:49] <mranthropy> We are supposed to have an eerily warm weekend at least?
[18:49] <jacobkosh> Mine kind of slowly gave up the ghost over time. I figured it had another month or so but then bam, it finally just pooped out this weekend. I’ve set up space heaters in the bathrooms but my main heat source out here in the living room is the cats piled on me :P
[18:49] <desc> jake, you’re a mod
[18:49] <jacobkosh> Yeah, actually! After tonight it’s a low of only 45 or so for the next five days
01[18:49] <thomamelas> Start a fire using old RPG books. Start with the FR stuff.
[18:49] <jacobkosh> hahhaaha
[18:49] <desc> would it be infractable if my entire response to a multi page debate about eurotrash games and ameritrash games and both of those terms was simply:
[18:49] <desc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbLDxAzrQSY
[18:50] <jacobkosh> NO
[18:50] <jacobkosh> that is 100% truth
[18:50] <desc> I feel like it summarizes everything I have to say about board game design
[18:50] <jacobkosh> and ameritrash is best trash
[18:50] <desc> for now I’ve stuck with a modest portrait of George Washington
[18:51] <jacobkosh> I do not have a head for moving around little wood cubes that represent tobacco bales or whatever. Give me space wars and 500 plastic minis
01[18:51] <thomamelas> Truth.
[18:52] <ell> oh my god you guys are here already
[18:52] <jacobkosh> ell!
01[18:52] <thomamelas> If there are wooden blocks on my board then they had better well be representing military units.
[18:52] <ell> nobody said my name
[18:52] <ell> so I had no idea
[18:52] <jacobkosh> are you feeling up to it tonight? you sounded miserable earlier
01[18:52] <thomamelas> I said hello.
[18:52] <ell> You didn’t say “ell”
[18:53] <ell> my client parses out longer strings
[18:53] <jacobkosh> does your client beep or something when someone says that?
[18:53] <ell> yes
[18:54] <jacobkosh> so how is everybody?
[18:55] <ell> and fwiw I love all games that are good
[18:55] <ell> jake
01[18:55] <thomamelas> So Amerigames?
[18:55] <ell> I haven’t turned on the heat once
[18:55] <ell> I just leave my computer on
[18:55] <jacobkosh> hahahaha
[18:55] <desc> hi5 tom
[18:55] <ell> and my place is well insulated enough that it keeps it well toasty
[18:56] <jacobkosh> i’m jelly
[18:56] <jacobkosh> of course you are also like 300 miles south of me
[18:57] <jacobkosh> this house does have shit for insulation, though
[18:57] <jacobkosh> it is so cheap
[18:57] <jacobkosh> in my eight years here I’ve replaced about half of it already
[18:58] <mranthropy> home upkeep = no fun
[18:58] <jacobkosh> for reals yo
[18:58] <jacobkosh> everything has at least one more zero on the price than it ought to
[18:59] <desc> truth
01[18:59] <thomamelas> Yep.
[19:00] <jacobkosh> ok give me three minutes, I am wolfing down the last of my….I guess this is technically breakfast >.>
[19:00] <mranthropy> yeah. and just when you do one thing another pops up.
[19:00] <jacobkosh> and then we’ll rock and rule
[19:01] <mranthropy> hmmm. maybe i need to build some predictive models on future home repairs as opposed to doing whatever they want at work tomorrow…
[19:02] <desc> eat slow jake, I am waiting a minute for this frozen spinach pizza to be done
[19:06] <desc> yay spinach pizza with sriracha
[19:06] <jacobkosh> oh man that sounds rad
[19:07] <jacobkosh> you know what I am addicted to lately? Mac and cheese with sriracha
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[19:07] <jacobkosh> like, a lot of sriracha
[19:07] <jacobkosh> like
[19:07] <jacobkosh> a
03[19:07] * MrAnthropy (~MrAnthrop@cloak-97973A00.static.kc.surewest.net) has joined #cfgames
[19:07] <jacobkosh> lot
[19:07] <desc> nahmsayin
[19:07] <jacobkosh> sheeyit
[19:07] <jacobkosh> ok! I am enfoodened
01[19:09] <thomamelas> Alright.
01[19:12] <thomamelas> Test
[19:12] <jacobkosh> yo!
01[19:13] <thomamelas> Heh
[19:14] <jacobkosh> Last week, you guys followed the trail of the missing tass and Dolph, its carrier, to a night clinic in Vancouver’s sketchy Downtown East area. There you found a line of homeless and transient people waiting to enter.
[19:15] <desc> (fuck that door)
[19:15] <jacobkosh> Aurelia snuck in and underwent an “examination” by the Awakened nurse, then hustled into a back room with other patients, many of whom showed signs of some sort of odd skin affliction.
[19:15] <mranthropy> (for reals)
[19:16] <jacobkosh> A second Awakened, a doctor, began performing some kind of extended ritual on the patients as Aurelia watched on from the sidelines. Meanwhile, the rest of the group attempted to enter and discovered the all-devouring cosmic menace of the door.
[19:17] <jacobkosh> As the door mocked their dice rools and their feeble mortal lives, the nurse came back up front just as Blackjack smashed through shoulder-first. His silence spell kept the commotion from being heard in the back, but the nurse drew a pen and began casting!
[19:18] <jacobkosh> Roll for initiative! 1d10 plus initiative mod
01[19:18] <thomamelas> jacobkosh rolled for initiative! 1d10 plus initiative mod —> error: malformed expression
[19:18] <jacobkosh> hahahaha
01[19:18] <thomamelas> Ugh. Give me a second.
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Session Start: Tue Nov 27 19:18:44 2012
Session Ident: #cfgames
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Session Start: Tue Nov 27 19:20:15 2012
Session Ident: #cfgames
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03[19:20] * Topic is ‘Critical Failures Games – Delphindaes considers old things new again, starts hooking up with elderly women, "if i ain’t seen them, they’re fresh to me"’
03[19:20] * Set by simonwolf on Sat Jul 17 19:24:49
01[19:20] <thomamelas> Right.
[19:20] <jacobkosh> (no, it’s a new scene – unless you spent a point of mana)
[19:21] <mranthropy> (okay, just making sure!)
01[19:21] <thomamelas> 1d10+6
[19:21] <critical> thomamelas, 1d106: 13 [1d10=7]
[19:22] <jacobkosh> 1d10+7
[19:22] <critical> jacobkosh, 1d107: 13 [1d10=6]
[19:23] <jacobkosh> ugh I forget how WOD handles initiative ties. we’ll have blackjack go first for this fight
[19:23] <ell> higher imod
[19:23] <jacobkosh> ahhhhhh kk
[19:23] <jacobkosh> just like D&D, then
[19:23] <jacobkosh> that works
[19:25] <jacobkosh> Elithora is on deck! You’re currently standing on the outside of the clinic door, next to the one Thom smashed open. A line of homeless people are staring at you guys, although many more are dispersing, thinking something is up.
[19:25] <jacobkosh> The nurse is inside the reception area with Blackjack.
[19:26] <desc> Okay, the nurse is about to cast some nonsense at us. I’m looking at improving the Temporal Shift spell to back up Blackjack with an extra point of armor by fussing with time. (p 264)
[19:26] <desc> As improv this is just gnosis+time, right?
[19:26] <ell> yep
[19:27] <desc> Elithora yells something out to Blackjack while pointing at the nurse, but her words sound like a record being played on a turntable that was just unplugged and is slowing to a stop.
[19:27] <jacobkosh> and the roll goes xd10h8
[19:27] <desc> 5d10h8
[19:27] <critical> desc, 5d10h8: 0 [5d10h8=5,4,5,4,5]
[19:27] <desc> ffffff
[19:27] <desc> And her words return to normal speed, to little effect.
[19:28] <jacobkosh> Armor spells are covert, so no worries about paradox. Some bums are like “??” but it’s not like they haven’t seen weirder shit.
[19:31] <ell> Memo’s turn
[19:34] <jacobkosh> Looking around at you three outside, she quickly realizes she might be outnumbered. As she steps back from Blackjack, her pen traces quick, jagged arcs in the air, and as it does so, the lights in the reception area seem to go on a dimmer switch as the shadows become inky pools. Her own shadow bubbles up like oil, forming a membrane between her and Thom
[19:35] <jacobkosh> 5d10h8
[19:35] <
critical> jacobkosh, 5d10h8: 1 [5d10h8=7,1,1,3,9]
[19:35] <jacobkosh> however, this is totally vulgar!
[19:36] <jacobkosh> base 1d10 for her Gnosis of 2, plus 2 for Sleeper witnesses, minus 1 for magical tools
[19:36] <jacobkosh> 2d10h8
[19:36] <critical> jacobkosh, 2d10h8: 1 [2d10h8=3,[10,6]]
[19:37] <jacobkosh> She grimaces and a little blood trickles from her nose as she absorbs the paradox as Bashing damage.
[19:37] <jacobkosh> Thom!
[19:38] <jacobkosh> Most of the clientele have now fled into the street, btw, but one is pressing her face into the glass to get a better view and another is standing there rocking on his heels and murmuring monosyllabically, deeply freaked out
[19:39] <desc> This stupid nurse is going to flip everything sideways.
01[19:39] <thomamelas> Can I counterspell an active spell or is that only when the spell is being cast?
[19:40] <ell> it’s a different procedure
[19:40] <jacobkosh> you can dispel active magics, but I forgot to ask if you wanted to counterspell
01[19:40] <thomamelas> I did. No worries. Plan B.
01[19:42] <thomamelas> Making a halt motion with his hand, and casting reduce friction under her feet.
01[19:42] <thomamelas> 5d10h8
[19:42] <
critical> thomamelas, 5d10h8: 4 [5d10h8=[10,10,8],2,9,6,5]
[19:42] <jacobkosh> noice!
[19:42] <mranthropy> (nice!)
01[19:43] <thomamelas> And that’s vulgar. So what are my mods?
[19:43] <jacobkosh> Do you have a magical tool?
01[19:43] <thomamelas> Nope.
[19:43] <jacobkosh> ok, the paradox roll would be 3d10, then
01[19:43] <thomamelas> 3d10h8
[19:43] <critical> thomamelas, 3d10h8: 0 [3d10h8=6,4,4]
[19:44] <jacobkosh> cool!
[19:44] <mranthropy> (whew!)
[19:44] <jacobkosh> you’re in the clear
[19:44] <jacobkosh> oh wait whoops
[19:44] <jacobkosh> roll one more d10
01[19:44] <thomamelas> 1d10h8
[19:44] <
critical> thomamelas, 1d10h8: 0 [1d10h8=5]
[19:45] <ell> why so many?
01[19:45] <thomamelas> (I see Infidel removed the code to make Critical simulate being evil.)
[19:45] <jacobkosh> (don’t jinx it!)
[19:45] <jacobkosh> (or wait I am the GM. jinx away!)
[19:46] <jacobkosh> (base 1, 2 for sleeper witnesses, and then another because it’s the second successive paradox roll)
[19:47] <ell> (oooh ok)
[19:48] <jacobkosh> and now it’s Aurelia’s turn. Ell, you’re in the back room – you don’t hear the commotion up front because of Blackjack’s Silence spell. The doctor is moving between the listless-looking patients, murmuring the High Speech as he makes a show of touching stethoscopes to them, etc. – but it’s clearly a ritual casting.
[19:48] <ell> Aurelia is just going to continue to observe.
[19:49] <ell> And hope that they’re really helping these people and not ritually killing them
[19:49] <jacobkosh> Ok! If you want to try and discern anything about the ritual nonmagically, you can always roll WIts + Occult if you want
[19:49] <ell> oh yay
[19:49] <ell> chance roll
[19:49] <ell> 1d10h8
[19:49] <
critical> Ell, 1d10h8: 1 [1d10h8=8]
[19:49] <jacobkosh> haha rad!
[19:49] <ell> : D
[19:50] <ell> I don’t eat my own foot!
[19:52] <jacobkosh> Aurelia doesn’t know the Life arcana, but she recognizes a few of the words and gestures, and she’s beginning to think that this actually is some kind of attempt to heal these people. She catches an Atlantean word that can mean, alternately, border, thoroughfare, or cliff, and that is often used when invoking or countering the Abyss.
[19:52] <jacobkosh> MrAnthropy!
[19:52] <jacobkosh> Sinon is near Elithora, on the outside of the clinic doors.
[19:54] <mranthropy> Sinon looks to the sleepers who are remaining. “What the hell are you two doing here!? You’re going to ruin the filming! Do You know how much these effects shots cost!” (Going to try to intimidate/manipulate them into leaving)
[19:54] <mranthropy> 6d10h8
[19:54] <critical> MrAnthropy, 6d10h8: 4 [6d10h8=[10,9],8,[10,2],1,1,2]
[19:55] <jacobkosh> NICE!
02[19:56] * desc (Mibbit@cloak-6242A9D7.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:56] <jacobkosh> The more on-the-ball one grabs the other by his cuffs and drags him away. “C’mon, man, they gonna call security or something on us…!”
[19:57] <jacobkosh> top of the order again. Elithora!
03[19:58] * desc (Mibbit@cloak-6242A9D7.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #cfgames
[19:58] <desc> (weird)
[19:59] <jacobkosh> (wassup?)
[19:59] <desc> (booted me, who knows)
[20:00] <jacobkosh> (the webclient is fiddly as hell)
[20:01] <ell> (yeah, it sucks. You’re up though, desc)
[20:02] <jacobkosh> (go for it, desc! This is Elithora’s time to shine! Possibly!)
[20:02] <desc> (I hope, okay..)
[20:04] <desc> (the nurse was hit by BJ’s spell but not incapacitated, right? going to try an Evil Eye)
[20:05] <desc> Elithora hisses at the nurse, “You idiot.”
[20:05] <desc> evil eye to rob her of dice on her next action:
[20:05] <desc> 5d10h8
[20:05] <
critical> desc, 5d10h8: 2 [5d10h8=5,8,3,[10,3],4]
[20:05] <jacobkosh> Nice!
[20:06] <jacobkosh> So does that subtract your successes from her next action?
[20:06] <desc> She makes a somewhat archaic mage gesture at the nurse as she says it, and stabs twice at the air with her finger.
[20:06] <desc> (She loses 2 dice because I have 2 dots in fate. because I have two successes, it affects two rolls for the nurse.)
[20:07] <jacobkosh> (nice!)
[20:07] <jacobkosh> She is backing away from Blackjack and going to try to get help. Unfortunately, the floor under her is frictionless!
[20:08] <jacobkosh> She’s going to have to roll Dex + Athletics to not fall over, and desc has sucked away all her dice
[20:08] <jacobkosh> leaving her with a chance die!
[20:08] <jacobkosh> 1d10h8
[20:08] <critical> jacobkosh, 1d10h8: 0 [1d10h8=2]
[20:08] <ell> dramatic failure!
[20:08] <jacobkosh> wah wah
[20:09] <ell> well not quite
[20:09] <ell> that was a 2 not a 1
[20:09] <jacobkosh> Yeah it’s a regular failure
[20:09] <jacobkosh> but sooo clooose
[20:09] <desc> she’s still trapped in an adam sandler scene gone awry either way
[20:09] <jacobkosh> Her legs go out from under her and she executes a perfect three-point pratfall, banging her head on the counter as her pen goes flying out of her hand.
[20:10] <jacobkosh> Thom!
01[20:10] <thomamelas> She banged her head, is she still aware?
[20:11] <jacobkosh> Yeah, she’s aware and not very happy right now.
01[20:14] <thomamelas> “You are out numbered and out matched. If you’re willing to be bound by oath, I will accept your surrender.” Slipping the pistol out of his jacket as an or else. (Can I use persuade?)
[20:15] <jacobkosh> (sure, go for it)
[20:15] <jacobkosh> 1 sec
01[20:15] <thomamelas> (So persuade and presance?)
01[20:16] <thomamelas> (Or just persuade?)
[20:16] <jacobkosh> It’s contested by her Resolve, which is 2, so subtract 2 from your die pool
[20:16] <jacobkosh> but yes
[20:16] <jacobkosh> persuade and presence yeah
01[20:16] <thomamelas> 1d10h8
[20:16] <
critical> thomamelas, 1d10h8: 0 [1d10h8=2]
[20:16] <jacobkosh> it’s almost always stat + skill
[20:16] <jacobkosh> Her brow furrows!
[20:18] <jacobkosh> “You…we are trying to, to help people! And you pull a…! No! Go to hell!”
01[20:19] <thomamelas> “Pull a what?”
[20:20] <desc> Elithora scowls at the nurse and glances around the room. Where the hell did Aurelia get to, anyway?
[20:20] <jacobkosh> “A, a…!” She points at your gun. “That! I, I mean…what gives you the….?!” She shrugs, angrily, before finishing her sentence like three seconds later. “the right?”
[20:22] <mranthropy> (Aurelia’s up now, yes?)
[20:22] <jacobkosh> (yeah! although combat is over for the time being)
[20:22] <mranthropy> (Okay!)
[20:22] <jacobkosh> Ell, are you watching the ritual still?
01[20:23] <thomamelas> “A gun? Yes. I am Blackjack, Talon of the Adamatine Arrow. I am here at the direction of the consilium to retrive the tass that was stolen. I am not unwilling to listen however.”
[20:24] <ell> Are any of the other mages in the room, Jake?
[20:24] <mranthropy> Sinon walks into the room. With the sleepers gone, he drops his borrowed jacket to the floor along with the magical guise he had been wearing. He looks at Blackjack. “She should have taken your deal. She would’ve received better than what the order will give her.”
[20:24] <jacobkosh> It’s just you and the doctor. You haven’t heard the third fellow for a bit.
[20:25] <ell> Going to risk reading the mind of a guy casting a spell
[20:26] <ell> 4d10h8
[20:26] <critical> Ell, 4d10h8: 3 [4d10h8=9,3,[10,9],1]
[20:26] <ell> contested by resolve
[20:27] <jacobkosh> 4d10h8
[20:27] <critical> jacobkosh, 4d10h8: 2 [4d10h8=2,8,7,9]
01[20:27] <thomamelas> Gives a shrug to Sinon. “Youthful idealizism and haste. Assuming her goals are noble.” Turning to the nurse. “My offer still stands. My word is good.” With just a hint of challenge.
[20:27] <jacobkosh> What does your spell do, Ell? Surface thoughts and intentions, or…?
[20:28] <ell> ayep. Also allows for mental communication
[20:29] <ell> but only for one turn
[20:30] <jacobkosh> He calls himself Arrowsmith. He’s concentrating very hard on a spell that he hopes will arrest the spread of – you catch the word “bleakscale.” He’s wondering where Memoranda has gotten off to, and wonders if he should trust Loki to be alone with the Tass. They need the Tass to create the cure. That’s what Gerard says, anyway.
[20:30] <jacobkosh> Back up front:
[20:30] <mranthropy> To Blackjack, “Indeed.” To the nurse, with complete calmness, “I suggest you take his offer before I call Miss Smith. You know how we Guardians are with Apostates.” (Presence + Intimidation)
[20:31] <ell> Aurelia judiciously decides not to interrupt the man
[20:31] <mranthropy> 7d10h8
[20:31] <
critical> MrAnthropy, 7d10h8: 3 [7d10h8=2,9,6,9,6,5,9]
[20:31] <mranthropy> (Err, I guess I needed a 2 for resolve actually?)
[20:32] <jacobkosh> -3 yeah
[20:32] <mranthropy> okay, I’l re-roll
[20:32] <mranthropy> 4d10h8
[20:32] <+critical> MrAnthropy, 4d10h8: 1 [4d10h8=4,4,1,8]
[20:34] <jacobkosh> okay! she frowns, looking concerned, and raises her hands diffidently. “But you aren’t supposed to be here. Loki’s going to be mad if he sees you. So will….” she seems to think better of it. “We’re not doing anything to hurt the Veil.”
[20:34] <desc> Elithora glances at the windows at the word “Veil.” Are there still bystanders peering in?
[20:35] <jacobkosh> They’ve taken off, although given how bright the clinic is compared to the dark street outside, it’s possible someone could be standing in the street. The nurse’s shadow spell fizzled out when she hit her head, though.
[20:36] <desc> Elithora is still thinking about the spirit she spoke to. “What are you even doing here?”
[20:38] <jacobkosh> The door from the back offices opens. "Yo, I’m going out for some eat
man what the fuck?" You see a lanky youth in track pants, a t-shirt, and a skullie.
[20:39] <jacobkosh> He’s unshaven and has the complexion of someone who eats a lot of McNuggets.
[20:40] <jacobkosh> The nurse pipes up. “Loki, you really should have been up here with me. It is not appropriate for you to be taking naps in the back while the rest of us work.”
01[20:41] <thomamelas> Keeping his pistol visable but not raised. “I am Blackjack, Talon of the Admantine Arrow. The Consilium has sent us to retrive the Tass your group stole. Can we skip the part where you try to fight your way through us?”
[20:41] <jacobkosh> He shoots her a look of baffled frustration, then turns to Sinon and Blackjack. “Arrow, huh? What a clusterfuck. We thought you was Seers.”
[20:43] <mranthropy> Sinon chuckles a bit to himself. “If we were Seers you’d be dead.”
01[20:43] <thomamelas> Finds a chair. “Sinon, is it often a problem in your line of…work for people to assume you know what they are talking about?” Sitting in it and looking relaxed but not loose.
[20:44] <jacobkosh> Loki shuffles back and forth on his feet. “So this about that Tass, or what?”
[20:45] <mranthropy> Sinon ignores the Arrow. “Yes, this is about the Tass.”
[20:45] <jacobkosh> (I like this picture’s vibe: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs41/i/2009/031/0/1/Clinic_by_DrDo.jpg )
[20:46] <mranthropy> “Specifically: Where is it?”
[20:46] <desc> Elithora seems to decide that a Good Cop is needed and steps next to Sinon with a calm smile. “There are procedures to keep in mind in acquiring these sorts of things, and I sense some of us may have gotten a b it hasty in taking the Tass … even if for a potentially good purpose.”
[20:47] <jacobkosh> The nurse sighs. “Well, YOU people weren’t even supposed to BE there. It is hardly OUR fault that you were. I did my job perfectly.”
[20:48] <desc> Elithora starts to say to the nurse, “You have to understand there are protocols … Things can’t simply go missing …”
[20:49] <jacobkosh> Loki shuffles back and forth uncomfortably. “Yeah, uh…we need that Tass, dog. These people be sick. And like the lady said, y’all weren’t even supposed to be there.”
01[20:49] <thomamelas> “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Sighs.
01[20:49] <thomamelas> “Perhaps this would all be much simplier if you both sit down and tell us what is going on, and why you took the tass?”
[20:51] <desc> Elithora almsot invisibly nudges Sinon towards Loki while walking toward the nurse with an extended hand to help her up.
[20:51] <mranthropy> “i suggest you do as my friend asks.” Sinon pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and begins dialing a number.
[20:51] <ell> Aurelia is wondering how long this ritual is going to take
[20:51] <desc> (and another Evil Eye in mind case this dumb nurse get shifty)
[20:51] <jacobkosh> Meanwhile, Ell, Arrowsmith has finished his ritual. A couple of the patients smile and scratch as they feel a bit better without knowing why, and one starts to leave. “Hold up,” Arrowsmith says. “I need to, uh…double check.” He pulls out a tongue depressor. He moves quickly from patient to patient and frowns. “Not as well as I’d hoped…” he murmurs.
[20:52] <jacobkosh> (heh)
[20:53] <ell> As he finishes Aurelia pats him on the back
[20:54] <jacobkosh> The nurse takes Elithora’s hand somewhat reluctantly. “People have been getting sick, magically. It’s called bleakscale. Some have died already. Their ghosts want us to fix it…”
[20:54] <jacobkosh> Ell, he jumps at the back pat. “What the…?”
[20:54] <ell> “What exactly are these people sick with?”
[20:54] <jacobkosh> The nurse continues. “Well, they want me to fix it. I don’t think they care what Loki does.” She sniggers.
[20:55] <desc> Elithora pulls the nurse up and half-guides and half-pushes her into a seat with a smooth motion while listening. She remains standing.
[20:55] <jacobkosh> Loki rolls his eyes.
[20:56] <ell> Aurelia smiles at him. "I’m a friend, please don’t be alarmed.
[20:57] <jacobkosh> Ell, the doctor’s eyes narrow as he looks you up and down. “Hm.” His nostrils flare with momentary anger, then he relaxes at your question. “It’s called bleakscale. It’s an abyssal intrusion, last seen in Prague in 1931. Showed up in the homeless population roughly six weeks ago.”
01[20:57] <thomamelas> “So you took the Tass to power a ritual to try to cure it? Do you know what it’s source is?”
[20:59] <ell> Aurelia frowns slightly. “That’s not good. And you’ve been stockpiling Tass to attempt to cure it?”
[20:59] <jacobkosh> Memoranda, the nurse, shrugs. “It’s abyssal. Someone’s spell went really wrong, or…maybe a Scelestus?” (Scelesti are Abyss worshippers.)
[21:00] <jacobkosh> Loki says, “We been looking, but ain’t found anyone yet. When we do, though….” he makes a tough-guy face.
[21:02] <mranthropy> Sinon puts his phone back in his pocket once Loki and the nurse begin to talk.
[21:02] <jacobkosh> Ell, Arrowsmith looks at you. “Precisely. It takes a lot of mana, and with no Hallow and no nearby ley lines, we had to make our own luck. I’ll face the Consilium’s judgment if I have to, but I stand by what I’ve done.”
[21:02] <desc> Elithora taps her chin thoughtfully. “We should call this in. I suppose our benefactor would want to know about his missing rock candy. Wait …”
[21:03] <desc> She turns to Memoranda and Loki. “Why haven’t you gone up the ladder with this? Do you think this problem came from inside?”
[21:04] <mranthropy> To Loki and Memoranda, “Where is your companion?” (I figure things might be easier if all of the party were together…)
[21:05] <ell> Aurelia nods. “I take it you’ve discerned why I’m here then. I can’t force you to come with us, but I think it would certainly be better to tackle this issue with the support of the consilium than be seen by the as an enemy. For the sake of your patients, if no-one else.”
[21:06] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith pauses. “Voices…you brought friends, didn’t you?” He sighs. “Okay. Let’s go up front.” He looks at the patients, who’ve been watching your conversation quizzically. “Uh, you folks can head out the back entrance over there. Take plenty of Vitamin C and come back to me if your symptoms recur.”
01[21:08] <thomamelas> “Apostates. In a Guardian controlled area. Still, I would assume there have to be a few Free Council members who would have helped just for the benefit of tweaking the Guardian’s noses. And they could have gotten help from the Admantine Arrow.”
[21:08] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith and Aurelia come up front from the back hallway. Arrowsmith frowns. “I thought you were our site security, Loki.” Loki looks at his shoes. “Get off my case, man.”
[21:09] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith claps his hands together. “Okay, ladies and gents. You’ve caught our little cabal. Are you Guardians, or what?”
[21:10] <jacobkosh> Memoranda grumbles. “They weren’t even supposed to BE there!”
[21:10] <mranthropy> “Only one of us.”
[21:10] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith nods. “Hm. How much do you know?”
[21:11] <desc> Elithora sizes Arrowsmith. “Maybe the free market sent us. How much should we know?”
[21:11] <mranthropy> “We understand the situation and your plan.”
[21:12] <mranthropy> “Which was nicely put together, by the way.”
[21:12] <ell> Aurelia looks around. “There was another. We’re one short.”
[21:12] <jacobkosh> Memoranda smiles. “That was me. I did most of that.”
01[21:13] <thomamelas> “Which does bring us to an important point. There was a man with that Tass. What happened to him?”
[21:15] <ell> Aurelia doubles back to the office with the tass
[21:15] <jacobkosh> Loki and Arrowsmith look at Aurelia briefly before looking away. Arrowsmith clears his throat. “The, uh, bulky gentleman? He’s fine. After the spirit left him, I gave him a bit of morphine and put him in a cab headed toward the nearest Best Western. He’ll wake up in ten to twelve hours feeling pretty good.”
[21:16] <jacobkosh> Ell, the Tass is in two gym bags on the floor of the records office. It’s been made to look like barbell weights. It looks like a small quantity has been used, but the bulk of it is still here.
[21:17] <ell> And the fourth man? The one I saw in there with Loki?
[21:17] <jacobkosh> He’s gone!
[21:18] <mranthropy> (No he’s totally still there—eating cheese!)
[21:18] <jacobkosh> ( :D )
[21:21] <desc> Elithora peers at the bag and looks relieved. One mystery down, new mystery opened …
[21:21] <ell> Aurelia casts a mental shield on herself
[21:21] <ell> 4d10h8
[21:21] <critical> Ell, 4d10h8: 1 [4d10h8=4,2,9,7]
[21:21] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith looks at Loki and Memoranda, then to Sinon and Blackjack. “So what now? Whatever happens, someone has to do something about the bleakscale.”
[21:22] <jacobkosh> Ell, he doesn’t suddenly appear. You think he probably left while you were with Arrowsmith and the patients.
[21:22] <ell> “Damn it!”
01[21:23] <thomamelas> “Of course. Would you be willing to address the consillium on the matter?”
[21:23] <mranthropy> (I am so going to have to go back to read the transcript so I know who this guy is/was)
[21:24] <ell> (Which guy?)
01[21:24] <thomamelas> (Number 4)
[21:25] <ell> (I don’t know anything beyond there being a 4th person who had been conversing with loki in the Tass room when I originally infiltrated)
[21:26] <jacobkosh> (yeah)
[21:26] <ell> Aurelia grabs one of the bags o’ tass. “Can I get some help? This stuff’s heavy.”
[21:27] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith looks to Memoranda and Loki. They shrug. “Ain’t gonna be me,” Loki says. Memoranda snorts. Arrowsmith nods at Sinon. “Of course.”
[21:28] <desc> “We need to look into this ‘bleakscale.’ If some … epidemic is about to break out … We ought to at least know what we’re dealing with.”
01[21:28] <thomamelas> Stands up and finally holster’s his gun. “Can I speak with you a moment alone?” To Memoranda, picking up one of the bags of Tass.
[21:28] <jacobkosh> Memoranda looks at her cabal, confused. Arrowsmith nods. “Okay. Just don’t be a creep or anything.”
[21:29] <desc> (Creepdar is a special form of magesight)
[21:29] <jacobkosh> (hahaha)
[21:29] <mranthropy> (is that death? mind?)
[21:29] <jacobkosh> (it’s too bad they don’t have Entropy anymore)
[21:29] <jacobkosh> (because it would totally be that)
01[21:30] <thomamelas> Rolls his eyes as he walks over a quite spot, his voice pitched low not to carry. “You are an Apostate. Why?”
[21:32] <jacobkosh> She shrugs. “I don’t know. It just seems dumb, asking for permission for everything. We weren’t hurting anyone. And you guys were supposed to be Seers.”
01[21:32] <thomamelas> “You keep saying that. Why?”
[21:33] <jacobkosh> “Because that’s what he said!” her voice rising in frustration.
[21:33] <mranthropy> (do we hear her voice rising?)
[21:33] <jacobkosh> (yeah, a bit)
[21:35] <jacobkosh> (anyone?)
[21:35] <mranthropy> Sinon walks over. To Blackjack, “I’d apologize for interrupting, but I don’t care.” TO memoranda, “Who said what?”
[21:35] <ell> Aurelia is going to try a little magical reading
[21:36] <ell> 4d10h8
[21:36] <
critical> Ell, 4d10h8: 1 [4d10h8=5,5,9,4]
[21:36] <ell> resolve+gnosis to contest on Memo
[21:37] <jacobkosh> ok!
[21:37] <jacobkosh> 3d10h8
[21:37] <critical> jacobkosh, 3d10h8: 0 [3d10h8=6,1,6]
[21:37] <jacobkosh> She looks at Sinon. “Ga-rrowsmith. Arrowsmith said it. He’s our leader, OBVIOUSLY. He would say it.”
[21:38] <jacobkosh> Ell, she was thinking “Gerard.”
[21:38] <ell> anything else I can glean?
[21:39] <mranthropy> 7d10h8
[21:39] <
critical> MrAnthropy, 7d10h8: 0 [7d10h8=6,7,3,7,3,7,6]
[21:39] <mranthropy> (Manip + Subterfuge for Lie Detection, which is silly since its obvious)
[21:39] <mranthropy> (obvious that nothing is going on here!)
[21:39] <jacobkosh> (hahahaha)
[21:40] <jacobkosh> His appearance: a slim man of average height, late forties, balding, with long grey hair in the back, dressed kind of outdoorsy with a wooden walking stick.
[21:40] <ell> (just in that 3 second window… need to get better at mindy stuff to go prolonged duration)
[21:40] <jacobkosh> And he has a kind of high-pitched voice.
[21:41] <mranthropy> “Arrowsmith! What do you know about this?”
[21:41] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith blanches slightly. “What do I know about what?”
[21:42] <mranthropy> “Seers.”
[21:42] <ell> Aurelia looks at Sinon and shakes her head. "Don’t worry about that right now. It’s late and we have reports to make
01[21:43] <thomamelas> Shoos Sinon away from Memoranda.
[21:43] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith speaks slowly, choosing his words with care. “We had heard Pitch would be making a deal with Seers tonight. That’s why we picked tonight to do our little heist.”
[21:44] <jacobkosh> “Obviously, we were misinformed.”
[21:44] <mranthropy> 7d10h8
[21:44] <critical> MrAnthropy, 7d10h8: 2 [7d10h8=8,1,4,3,4,6,8]
[21:45] <mranthropy> (Just checking for straight-up non-magicy lie detection)
[21:46] <jacobkosh> He’s leaving something out, but you think he’s telling the truth as far as it goes.
[21:48] <desc> Elithora muses, “Pitch should make new friends who don’t gossip.”
01[21:48] <thomamelas> Again pitching his voice low and speaking to Memoranda. “Now that we’ve cleared that up, a further moment of your time. I simply want to point out that members of the Admentine Arrow are expected to act, and do what they see is needed. Sometimes that means asking for clarification from above but often that means doing something. When I came through the door, you didn’t hesitate. You acted. Perhaps you might consider a role in the order. Just a thought.”
[21:48] <ell> Aurelia grits her teeth. “If Pitch is dealing with Seers that’s a serious issue. Moreover, if his information is correct that’s a very serious issue.”
[21:50] <mranthropy> Sinon looks at Aurelia. “It is deadly serious. Let’s get the Tass loaded up and get moving.”
[21:50] <jacobkosh> Sinon’s phone rings.
[21:51] <mranthropy> Sinon heads outside and answers. “Yes.”
[21:52] <desc> Elithora watches Sinon walk outside and volunteers to pick up the other bag. She looks lost in thought.
[21:52] <ell> Aurelia looks to Arrowsmith. “Are you coming with? I can’t promise they won’t judge harshly, but I will promise to speak up for you, for whatever that’s worth.”
[21:53] <jacobkosh> Arrowsmith nods. “We’ll come quietly. I think circumstances will vindicate us.”
[21:53] <jacobkosh> Sinon, it’s Montesquieu on the phone. “Any luck with that Tass?”
[21:54] <mranthropy> “The Tass is secure. Most of it at least. We have those responsible. There are other issues, however.”
[21:56] <jacobkosh> “Elaborate.”
[21:58] <mranthropy> “I’d rather not over an open line. I’ll elaborate when we get there.”
[22:00] <jacobkosh> “…Good point. I take it you have prisoners, yes? Shall I send the Sentinels to take them off your hands?”
[22:00] <ell> (cue gymnopédie 1)
[22:02] <desc> (man, it’s never good when Sentinels get called in)
[22:02] <desc> (PARTY’S OVER)
[22:02] <desc> (magical pepper spray and errything)
[22:02] <jacobkosh> (hahaha)
01[22:03] <thomamelas> (Hey Jacob, did Memoranda have a reaction?)
[22:03] <jacobkosh> (“don’t soul reave me, bro”)
[22:03] <jacobkosh> (a reaction to what?)
[22:03] <mranthropy> (his job offer!)
01[22:03] <thomamelas> (Blackjack making a recruiting pitch?)
[22:04] <jacobkosh> (she’s hard to read. she doesn’t seem to be paying attention to much around her at this point. She keeps obsessively clicking her pen over and over.)
[22:05] <desc> (to be fair, we’re the ones breaking and entering her worksite)
[22:05] <jacobkosh> Justin, do you want them to send the Sentinels?
01[22:05] <thomamelas> Snapping his fingers in front of her face.
[22:05] <mranthropy> (just had to remind myself on who they were!)
[22:05] <mranthropy> (brain goes blank with solo much stuff)
[22:05] <mranthropy> (errr zoo much stuff)
[22:06] <mranthropy> (errr SOOOO much stuff)
01[22:06] <thomamelas> (Hey, we just kicked a door in. On a scale of 1 to jackbooted thug, we only rate like a 2.)
[22:07] <jacobkosh> (hahaha)
[22:07] <jacobkosh> She looks up at Blackjack peevishly (I love that word). “WHAT?!”
[22:08] <jacobkosh> (btw, re: Memoranda: picture Chloe from 24 as a gothic lolita, basically)
[22:08] <mranthropy> “Go ahead ahead and send them over. The perpetrators have agreed to come in willingly, though so I don’t think there will be much difficulty.”
01[22:08] <thomamelas> “Usually that recruiting pitch gets a ‘Fuck off, do I look like I wanna die.’” May be making a facial expression that could almost be a smile. In the right light.
[22:09] <jacobkosh> (or Megan from D&D, Justin, if you remember her)
[22:09] <mranthropy> (hahaha)
[22:09] <ell> (who?)
[22:09] <mranthropy> (why are people looking at me!? fondles knives)
[22:10] <jacobkosh> (I’ve told you about her, ell. the girl I was friends with for a while who was super into loligoth stuff but was also mega paranoid)
[22:10] <ell> (I don’t recall but ok)
[22:10] <jacobkosh> She kind of “harrumphs” at Blackjack. “Talk to me later when I’m not having such a DUMB NIGHT.”
[22:11] <desc> (to be fair,)
[22:11] <desc> Elithora avoids the politics and starts lugging one of the tass-barbell-bags to the limo.
01[22:12] <thomamelas> “Oh come on. This wasn’t so bad. Sure the door got kicked in, and you fell down but hey, not every night can be seer attacks and fighting off monsters from the beyond.”
[22:13] <jacobkosh> Montesquieu says, “Good work, Sinon. Expect them momentarily. Tell your associates I said to be ready for the full Consilium next week. It’s going to be must-see TV.”
[22:14] <jacobkosh> About two minutes later, a space warp opens up in a nearby alleyway and two men step out – one tall, sturdy-looking, and dressed in coveralls, the other shorter and in dark glasses. They introduce themselves, respectively, as Carson and Lefors.
[22:15] <mranthropy> Sinon hangs up the phone. Aurelia and Elithora (since Blackjack is busy recruiting) “Apparently we’re in.”
[22:16] <desc> “We …” Elithora turns to the two men. “The paperwork for this will never end, will it.”
[22:16] <jacobkosh> Lefors smirks, Carson says in a broad but not unfriendly Albertan drawl, “nnnnnope.”
[22:16] <ell> Aurelia lugs the tass into the trunk. “And the others? You won’t hurt them , right? They aren’t bad, really.”
01[22:16] <thomamelas> Catches up since two minutes have passed.
[22:16] <mranthropy> “You should’ve joined the Guardians. We’re not allowed to write reports.”
01[22:17] <thomamelas> “Should be ten minutes or so to write up my report.”
[22:18] <jacobkosh> Lefors nods, brisk and businesslike. “The Arrow have kept an eye on these Apostates, but we deemed them a non-issue – they’re basically neophytes. But of course, they’re just smart enough to make trouble. We’ll try and set them on the straight and narrow if we can.”
[22:18] <ell> Aurelia places her hands to her temple and concentrates a moment before carryiong on
[22:18] <ell> 4d10h8
[22:18] <
critical> Ell, 4d10h8: 0 [4d10h8=6,1,5,1]
[22:19] <jacobkosh> (oh oh oh
[22:19] <jacobkosh> (I kept forgetting to remind you guys: you can spend a Willpower point to add 3 dice to any roll)
01[22:19] <thomamelas> “One of them might make for a recruit. She didn’t freeze up when we came in the door.”
[22:19] <jacobkosh> (you recover willpower between stories, or you can get a point back by doing something in line with your virtue or vice)
[22:20] <desc> Elithora looks at the tass and then the medical apostates with half-focused eyes and not without sympathy. (Interconnection-Fate vision, not really looking for anything specific. My tapestry-knot-sense is tingling about everything tonight.)
[22:20] <desc> 4d10h8
[22:20] <critical> desc, 4d10h8: 0 [4d10h8=7,6,2,3]
[22:20] <desc> (i cannot roll for annnnyyyyyttthiiiiiinnnngggg so far)
[22:20] <jacobkosh> Lefors looks at Memoranda appraisingly. “You don’t say. Well, we could always use warm bodies…”
[22:20] <jacobkosh> (if it helps, desc, I have spent entire campaigns cursed by critcal)
01[22:21] <thomamelas> (Critical does seem to hate Jacob. And not like a little kid hates brocilli but like swore a blood oath kind of hate.)
[22:21] <desc> (so far my attempts to use Fate have led me to believe that the universe is an uncaring, stochastic machine bereft of cause-effect relationships)
[22:21] <jacobkosh> (It is alive,a nd it hates)
[22:21] <jacobkosh> (hahahahahaha)
[22:22] <mranthropy> (so the stock market?)
[22:22] <desc> Elithora shakes her head at some private thought, tugs the zipper on the gym bag closed, and shrugs to Aurelia. “I didn’t know you were so Tom Clancy these days.”
[22:22] <ell> Aurelia wrinkles her nose in disgust. “Hey, does this look like a fucking deli? They aren’t fucking cold cuts so quit it.”
[22:22] <jacobkosh> The two men commandeer a nearby car and lead the captive cabal to it. Arrowsmith looks back at your group. “Don’t let them forget about the bleakscale. If they’re really worried about Sleepers, they’ll do something about it…!”
01[22:23] <thomamelas> Nods to Arrowsmith. “We will not allow them to forget.”
[22:23] <jacobkosh> He smiles back at you. “Thank you.”
[22:24] <jacobkosh> They pile into the car, and Lefors and Carson drive them off.
[22:24] <jacobkosh> Okay! Almost done for the night. Briefly, what do each of you guys do before going home and turning in? Or DO you go home and turn in?
[22:25] <ell> Aurelia smiles at Elithora as the car pulls away. “Are you kidding? I was scared shitless in there. But once I realized they were good people I relaxed. One last thing before I forget. I know the identity of the fourth man, the one they were desperately trying to protect.”
[22:25] <desc> “Fourth man? Who?”
01[22:26] <thomamelas> Raises an eyebrow.
[22:26] <ell> “Gerard. I know what he looks like. How he dresses. Acts. Sounds. Smells.”
[22:26] <mranthropy> “The one who tipped them off to the meet?”
[22:27] <ell> Aurelia smirks. “It was written all over their minds as you were giving them the third degree in there.”
[22:28] <desc> Elithora repeats the real name “Gerard,” like someone handling a gun that they don’t know is loaded or not.
[22:28] <mranthropy> “Some of us are only Apprentice’s of the Mind.”
[22:29] <ell> Aurelia slaps Sinon on the shoulder, grinning “Buck up, you’ll get there some day.”
[22:29] <jacobkosh> That night!
[22:29] <desc> “We need to track him down. I’m not a fan of this Seer business. And does Montesquieu know his little pals are dealing to them on the side?”
[22:30] <ell> (Aurelia is going to head straight home. She still has a day job and it’s late as is)
[22:30] <jacobkosh> Sinon has a dream.
[22:31] <jacobkosh> You’re in a forest, lost. It’s night. The trees are huge and you have the oddest feeling that they’re watching you.
[22:31] <mranthropy> (strange, considering he only sleeps like 2 hours a day)
[22:31] <jacobkosh> (magic, yo!)
[22:32] <jacobkosh> An owl hoots from somewhere ahead. It seems to be calling your name – your real name.
[22:32] <mranthropy> Sinon walks toward the owl.
[22:34] <jacobkosh> As you move in the direction of the owl’s voice, shafts of moonlight pierce the treetops to dimly illuminate the next few feet in front of you. They seem to follow you, or precede you, providing a path over the treacherous ground, moving ever closer to the source of the sound.
[22:34] <jacobkosh> They also illuminate something else: there are carvings on the trees.
[22:36] <jacobkosh> The light is dim and the carvings seem to move and shift as you glance at them, but every so often you see arrangements of symbols that seem to resemble names. Not any names you recognize, though. You have a feeling some of them are very, very old indeed.
[22:37] <mranthropy> Sinon momentarily brushes his hands across a name as though that could bring it’s meaning forth. He stops and then continues on the path toward the sound of the bird.
[22:37] <mranthropy> (sorry had to step away for a second)
[22:37] <jacobkosh> The path takes a turn and you emerge into a clearing. Two enormous totem poles – bigger than anything in reality – tower over you.
[22:37] <jacobkosh> (no worries)
[22:38] <jacobkosh> The owl flutters above you, soaring up and perching on one of the eagle wings of the right totem pole. It points its beak at the ground before you, where a pair of masks sit. One is the comedy mask, and the other is the tragedy mask. “WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE, SINON? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?”
[22:39] <jacobkosh> Do you pick either of them up?
01[22:41] <thomamelas> (It’s a trap! Pick up the plain wooden one!)
[22:41] <mranthropy> (I was going toast where the mask that melds humans and robots into a new life form was, but that would be silly)
[22:42] <jacobkosh> (hahahaha)
[22:42] <mranthropy> Sinon starts to reach down, but stops suddenly. “Who are you?”
[22:46] <jacobkosh> The owl turns its head 45 degrees to the left. It blinks. “THATWOULD BE TELLING.” You hear a distant laugh that tinkles like crystal. “ALWAYS THE INQUISITOR, EH? I’LL MEET YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME VERY SOON NOW. NEVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.”
[22:46] <jacobkosh> You wake up.
[22:46] <jacobkosh> And by you…
[22:46] <jacobkosh> I mean Elithora.
[22:46] <jacobkosh> This was her dream. Sinon didn’t have a dream at all.
[22:46] <mranthropy> (I was horribly confused!)
[22:46] <desc> (bwaaaaaamp)
[22:47] <desc> Elithora sits upright, looks around, grabs a pad of paper and pen next to her bed and begins scribbling down notes.
[22:47] <jacobkosh> excellent. make a note that you did that, desc
[22:47] <jacobkosh> Next week: Consilium! Dress fancy and memorize your forks!
[22:47] <ell> downtime time!
[22:48] <ell> yes?
[22:48] <jacobkosh> Indeed! Your characters have ten days of off-time.
[22:48] <jacobkosh> If you have special plans for them, let me know privately when you have time.
[22:48] <jacobkosh> Also: experience!
[22:50] <ell> woo!
[22:50] <jacobkosh> Give yourselves twelve points of regular xp, and three of Arcane xp (Arcane xp can only be spent on leveling your magic, regular can be spent on whatever). Justin can take an extra 4 arcane xp for the handy writeups he put on the wiki.
[22:50] <desc> yay us!
01[22:51] <thomamelas> Woo!
[22:51] <desc> Justin do you have logs of everything tonight? I only have logged from after I got booted and came back.
[22:51] <mranthropy> is arcane xp anything arcana/gnosis/rotes?
[22:51] <ell> yep
[22:52] <mranthropy> I do have everything. And if anyone else ever wants to take a turn doing the write-up, I don’t want to hog all the extra xp!
[22:52] <jacobkosh> I almost forgot, until she helpfully reminded me!
01[22:52] <thomamelas> I have logs.
[22:53] <desc> gimme the url again so I can take a peeky-poo
01[22:54] <thomamelas> Hrm. If I take a dot of fate I can make the rote I was pondering. Or I could take matter and never be bothered by a door again….
[22:54] <mranthropy> http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/at-the-edge-of-all-things/adventure-log
[22:54] <jacobkosh> Ell gets four arcane xp for providing your adversaries for the evening. I gave her very sketchy outlines and she did the scut work of chargen, for which I am very grateful
[22:54] <jacobkosh> also also
[22:54] <ell> whee
[22:55] <desc> ells
[22:55] <jacobkosh> if you guys write up in-character reactions to a story, that is also worth xp. Like a page or two about what was going through your character’s mind, their reaction to their new partners, the situation, etc.
[22:55] <desc> spend it all on tass, drive to vegas, snort it, blow you rmoney on slots
[22:56] <jacobkosh> The way I envision this eventually working is, we’ll have the adventure log writeup, right? And then under that, will be your dude’s little headshots, and people can click on those to get your character’s point of view on the events of the story.
[22:56] <desc> cooooool
[22:56] <jacobkosh> I think it would be cool if, when this is all done, people could read it like a multimedia novel
01[22:57] <thomamelas> Cool. I’ll get one written up.
[22:57] <jacobkosh> I wanted to do that in the M&M game but just never got around to it at first, and then we had backlog
[22:57] <mranthropy> backlog is a motivation killer.
[22:58] <jacobkosh> it totally is
[22:58] <jacobkosh> So I wanted to get this out in the open up front because I think a) it would be rad and b) I know all of you guys to be really creative and I think you could run with it in ways other groups maybe couldn’t
[22:58] <desc> paperwork backlogs are why my character studied Time sphere magic
[22:59] <desc> you manipulate the last minute so it’s the last hour
[22:59] <desc> and then procrastinate for 59 more minutes
01[22:59] <thomamelas> Paperwork is why my character has an encyopedic memory. Write it once, check it, submit.
[23:00] <ell> desc hahahahahaha
[23:01] <jacobkosh> god I would kill for that
[23:01] <desc> I gotta draw my character. And actually read all of M:tA for real.
[23:01] <desc> And the Mysterium book and &c.
[23:01] <mranthropy> Yeah, I need to go back and re-read.
[23:01] <mranthropy> Soooo much setting stuff.
[23:01] <desc> Papers due? rewinds time, puts feet up on desk
[23:01] <jacobkosh> I think I’ve said this but I love white wolf fluff but there is SO MUCH of it
[23:02] <jacobkosh> so I tried to kind of get us started on something small scale
[23:02] <jacobkosh> so we could have a fighting chance of picking it up
[23:02] <desc> When I was a teenager, I never actually played WW but I owned and read several of the books a dozen times and knew all the stuff. Now I am playing it and have no idea about nu-WW.
[23:02] <jacobkosh> the nice thing about NWoD is no metaplot
[23:02] <jacobkosh> so you don’t have to play catchup
[23:04] <jacobkosh> I thought we had a good session tonight, though! I enjoyed our first little mage duel!
[23:04] <mranthropy> Alrighty all. I need to get to bed. Have a job interview in the morning. I had a blast. See you next week!
[23:04] <ell> sheet hupdatered
01[23:04] <thomamelas> Have a good night.
[23:04] <ell> night Justin
[23:04] <jacobkosh> Oh man, good luck with the interview! I’ll catch you later!
02[23:05] * MrAnthropy (~MrAnthrop@cloak-97973A00.static.kc.surewest.net) Quit (Quit: MrAnthropy)
01[23:05] <thomamelas> The mage duel went nicely.
[23:05] <jacobkosh> http://sheetgen.dalines.net/sheet/21990
[23:05] <ell> http://sheetgen.dalines.net/sheet/21396
[23:06] <jacobkosh> oh nice, ELl
[23:06] <ell> Do I need to modify?
[23:06] <jacobkosh> yes I should mention that
[23:06] <jacobkosh> in the notes section, just write down your XP expenditures
[23:06] <jacobkosh> it makes retracing your steps SO MUCH EASIER
[23:06] <desc> oh that’s smart
[23:06] <ell> Memo’s sheet, that is?
[23:07] <jacobkosh> oh, do you need to modify hers? No, I accidentally pasted that when I meant to paste an image I had found
[23:07] <jacobkosh> I had shown it to thom just now
[23:07] <jacobkosh> He is considering apprenticing Memo
[23:07] <ell> oh ok
[23:07] <ell> well yeah
[23:07] <jacobkosh> Which I think sounds like an excellent plan
[23:07] <ell> Should I stick a number under that age heading, for completeness?
[23:07] <jacobkosh> oh yes plz
[23:08] <ell> which one?
[23:08] <jacobkosh> which number?
[23:08] <jacobkosh> I saw her as 19 or 20
[23:08] <jacobkosh> but I dunno, did you see her older?
[23:08] <ell> nope
[23:08] <ell> if anything younger
[23:08] <ell> but 19 is good
[23:09] <desc> what’s all this about barely-legal nurses now
[23:09] <ell> She’s not a nurse
[23:09] <ell> She’s a kid
[23:09] <ell> in a stolen uniform
[23:09] <desc> All I know is she has a deadly pen
01[23:10] <thomamelas> Who steals scrubs?
[23:10] <ell> street kids trying to pretend to be nurses
01[23:10] <thomamelas> Dime a dozen at goodwill.
[23:11] <ell> true
[23:11] <ell> but why pay when you can get a five finger discount?
[23:12] <jacobkosh> hahaha
[23:12] <jacobkosh> yeah it’s a bit of a shame she didn’t get to turn up in her normal getup
01[23:12] <thomamelas> Less chance of getting a stern talking to from a Canadian security guard?
[23:12] <desc> my character is gonna do all the research on bleakscale for 10 days but get stuck spending most of it in endless Mysterium meetings. I will have to write something up. hmm.
[23:12] <jacobkosh> but at least in the future we’ll be able to rectify that
[23:13] <jacobkosh> Desc, remind me to send you my writeup on the basics of the Mysterium. You would probably be visiting the Atheneum for that
[23:14] <ell> Aurelia is going to be working on actually learning some manners for a social function. Also skills to not fuck up so bad as she did tonight
[23:14] <desc> okay
[23:14] <desc> I am all about the Atheneum
[23:14] <desc> got a rider-waite Priestess card hanging from the rear view mirror as a parking pass and all that shit
[23:15] <jacobkosh> I was picturing Memo as this goth girl I knew several years ago. She used to go to Saturday D&D at the library with me, but she had some issues and was kind of touchy and paranoid? Like she thought everyone was creeping on her. Including our two gay players. And she’d get up and SHOUT about it and it was hells of awkward.
01[23:15] <thomamelas> I’m debating matter, fate or gnosis.
[23:15] <ell> Ditto for me jake, Aurelia hasn’t spent much time in the Mysterium yet but that’s about to ramp up
[23:15] <jacobkosh> will do, Ell
[23:15] <ell> if in doubt save for gnosis
[23:15] <jacobkosh> hahahaha desc
[23:16] <ell> I spent all of my arcane xp learning to telepath by rote, since I seemed to be casting that spell every other round
[23:16] <jacobkosh> but me and this girl always got along and used to hang out a ton until she had a mega-meltdown and I just dropped that. but then she turned up on OkCupid as one of my top recommendations :P
[23:17] <ell> Also Aurelia was suppressing creeping on people at the end of the session
[23:17] <jacobkosh> http://www.okcupid.com/profile/LavenderCrane
[23:17] <desc> Memo would have detected that creeping
[23:17] <jacobkosh> Hahaha how so, Ell?
[23:18] <desc> 5 dots in Creep sphere
01[23:18] <thomamelas> So I go to creep….no ok cupid account.
[23:18] <ell> ditters
[23:18] <ell> Just an internal monologue thing
[23:18] <ell> I didn’t want to play it up just yet
[23:19] <ell> (It was my inner demons!)
01[23:19] <thomamelas> Yeah…I kinda need to figure out David’s sexuality.
[23:21] <jacobkosh> so I have unofficially decided that all our story chapters are going to be song titles
01[23:22] <thomamelas> Oh? What theme?
[23:22] <jacobkosh> this will be the prologue: Land of Confusion
[23:22] <jacobkosh> hae you seen my mage playlist?
01[23:22] <thomamelas> Nope.
[23:22] <jacobkosh> I just go for any song that seems to be about power and hubris, or cities at nighttime
[23:22] <jacobkosh> 1 sec
[23:23] <jacobkosh> vampire obviously suggests a dark, industrial sound – I think mage should be more electronicy and new-wavey
[23:23] <jacobkosh> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7DBD588C662A8A56&feature=mh_lolz
[23:23] <jacobkosh> but as you see I haven’t really held 100% to that
01[23:24] <thomamelas> Well it starts with Genesis.
01[23:24] <thomamelas> So it can’t be all bad.
[23:24] <jacobkosh> just like the universe :D
01[23:24] <thomamelas> In the Air Tonight. I love that song way more then I should.
[23:25] <jacobkosh> dude check out the video, if you haven’t seen it. I hadn’t seen it before despite the song being one of my faves, and the video is like – it’s perfect for this game
[23:26] <jacobkosh> it’s shots of a creepy chair in an empty room, and a guy going down a sinister white hallway with glowing doors, and he opens a door
[23:26] <ell> what no
[23:26] <jacobkosh> and then GIANT PHIL COLLINS HEAD SCREAMING AT HIM
[23:26] <ell> the moroder track got blockeded
[23:26] <jacobkosh> yeah :(
01[23:26] <thomamelas> I’ve seen it. I just really love the Miami Vice scene with it.
[23:27] <ell> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akyx5iu_z8Y
[23:27] <desc> phil collins is a metaphor for Paradox
[23:28] <jacobkosh> oh my god
[23:28] <jacobkosh> desc
[23:28] <jacobkosh> I love you
01[23:28] <thomamelas> Phil Collins was one of my drumming heroes growing up. Dude got to be a front man. And a drummer. Can life get any better?
[23:29] <jacobkosh> collins is great
[23:29] <jacobkosh> I love him and genesis and peter gabriel
[23:29] <jacobkosh> that whole sound
[23:30] <desc> reading the different Mysterium jobs again
[23:30] <desc> I gotta like
[23:30] <desc> find my character
[23:31] <desc> she is wavering between being an academic dweeb and a more witch-oracle image I had in mind when I first statted her out
[23:32] <jacobkosh> she seems kind of in between right now
[23:32] <jacobkosh> you don’t have to commit if you don’t wanna, though
[23:32] <jacobkosh> I mean I don’t expect everyone to be an archetype
[23:33] <desc> yeah but
[23:33] <desc> what if all my RPG characters end up being too nebbishy
[23:33] <desc> maybe she will start dweeby and become cool
[23:33] <ell> I’m doing that though!
[23:34] <ell> I’m playing a kind of tightly wound person
[23:34] <ell> Hasn’t really come up yet but it’s going to be on full display next time, I think
[23:35] <desc> k. I don’t think my character is really like, tightly-wound or anything. She just needs to be a little more smart-assertive.
[23:35] <desc> elldren pretty soon Aurelia will be like the Fonz
[23:35] <desc> just smacking things with one fist and they work and there’s no paradox and she’s like “Eeeyyyyyy”
[23:36] <jacobkosh> hahahahaha omg
[23:36] <jacobkosh> yes
[23:36] <jacobkosh> do it
[23:36] <jacobkosh> ddooooooooo itttt
[23:36] <ell> XD
[23:37] <desc> wait
[23:37] <desc> my character needs to be like
[23:37] <desc> latently Natasha mcElhone (however you spell her last name) from ronin
[23:37] <desc> is it possible to do Drive
Time :p
[23:37] <jacobkosh> oooooh
[23:37] <jacobkosh> ooooooooh!
[23:38] <jacobkosh> desc have I given you Tome of the Mysteries
[23:38] <desc> “the light will be yellow for 0.42 more seconds keeps accelerating
[23:38] <desc> I think so
[23:38] <jacobkosh> there are a couple car-related rotes in there
[23:38] <jacobkosh> they’re great
[23:38] <jacobkosh> including autopilot
01[23:38] <thomamelas> Forces 2 means never ever hitting a red light.
[23:38] <jacobkosh> which the Free Council calls the “knight rider rote”
[23:38] <jacobkosh> it specifically notes that the car does not talk :P
[23:38] <desc> hmm
[23:39] <desc> here we go, tome of mysteries
[23:39] <ell> Mind 5
[23:39] <ell> now the car talks
[23:39] <ell> and has a personality!
[23:40] <jacobkosh> oh my god
[23:40] <jacobkosh> an imbued artifact: pontiac firebird
[23:40] <jacobkosh> it’s sentient
[23:40] <desc> hahah
[23:40] <jacobkosh> it can jump thirty feet
01[23:40] <thomamelas> Gonna need forces 2 at least for the turbo boost.
[23:40] <jacobkosh> hahaha yes exactly
[23:41] <jacobkosh> what I love is that this isn’t even gonzo
[23:41] <jacobkosh> it’s something you can TOTALLY DO
[23:41] <ell> built in paradox reduction
[23:41] <ell> everybody remembers the car from knight rider
01[23:41] <thomamelas> And cars talking was a thing in actual cars.
[23:42] <jacobkosh> yeah that’s true
[23:42] <jacobkosh> you can just be like “Oh that’s my OnStar, no worries”
[23:42] <jacobkosh> “yeah sometimes it gives directions in the tongue of the Old Ones, so what”
01[23:43] <thomamelas> It’s the new metal voice pack.
01[23:44] <thomamelas> I’ve been debating playing with imbue and guns.
[23:45] <jacobkosh> that is totally an AA thing to do
01[23:45] <thomamelas> Shotgun with knetic blow. Not vulgar, everyone has seen what movie shotguns do.
[23:46] <jacobkosh> hahaha yep
[23:46] <jacobkosh> you could probably make that your Order tool, too
[23:46] <jacobkosh> reducing paradox with your magic shotgun
01[23:47] <thomamelas> Naw, his order tool is a big broadsword. Because while shotguns are more practical, sometimes you need style.
[23:47] <jacobkosh> nice :D
[23:48] <jacobkosh> ell can cloak it with Mind magic, too. so you can just walk down the street with a giant broadsword strapped to you and nobody will say nothin’.
01[23:48] <thomamelas> At some point we’re gonna see him loaded for bear, and it’s gonna be a tac vest, truma plates, magazines, sword on one him, Glock on the other with a shotgun in hand.
01[23:49] <thomamelas> Can do it with Prime too. Can make inanimate objects invisible.
[23:49] <jacobkosh> oh nice :D
[23:49] <jacobkosh> you guys are really getting into the swing of this!
01[23:51] <thomamelas> “Did…did your shotgun just shoot fire?” “Yep, load my own dragon’s breath rounds….”
[23:53] <ell> I am debating whether to have fun with taoist sorcery
[23:53] <desc> if weird vampires or werewolves show up, remind me to stand behind you Tom
01[23:54] <thomamelas> 2 dots of matter and roll your own silver buckshot.
[23:55] <jacobkosh> Acanthus are great in a fight, desc! Adding and subtracting dice is uber
01[23:55] <thomamelas> Wait, are nu-Werewolves annoyed by silver?
[23:55] <jacobkosh> you know, I don’t know
[23:55] <jacobkosh> W;tF is the one I haven’t even looked at yet
[23:56] <desc> oh yeah
[23:56] <desc> I will be slowing time and moving dice around
[23:56] <desc> … from the rear
[23:56] <desc> and the force / prime / matter types will bravely hold the front line!
[23:57] <jacobkosh> it’s a plan! :)
01[23:58] <thomamelas> Hey, there was a reason that the orginal entrance plan was BJ first and Sinon last. The squishy types were in the middle…
[23:58] <ell> Aurelia is easily the weakest in a straight up fight
[23:58] <ell> Her advantage being she has lots of ways to avoid that
01[23:59] <thomamelas> I have some things planned for combat. Like Counterspell Prime (Outnumbered Edition)
[23:59] <ell> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiL4O4NXYO8
Session Time: Wed Nov 28 00:00:00 2012
[00:00] <jacobkosh> I really like talking with you guys after the games because you are all clearly developing some ideas of your people and their personalities and approaches
[00:00] <jacobkosh> it’s great
[00:00] <jacobkosh> I’m watching a story assemble itself before my eyes! And I ain’t even doin’ but 1/5 of the work!
[00:02] <ell> hmmm
[00:04] <ell> yo descobot
[00:04] <ell> desc even
[00:05] <ell> you have a PM
01[00:05] <thomamelas> I like that David has a measured approache to violence. If he doesn’t need it, he won’t use it. When he does need it, he’s gonna measure by the truckload.
[00:05] <desc> k
[00:07] <jacobkosh> all right, bros! I’m going to play some vidya and then hit the hay
[00:07] <jacobkosh> this was fun!
[00:07] <desc> alright jake
[00:08] <ell> sounds like a plan. I think I’ll do the same in a sec
01[00:08] <thomamelas> See ya.
[00:08] <desc> xoxo, send you a report on Elithora’s Week Between Adventures soon
[00:08] <jacobkosh> woo!
[00:08] <jacobkosh> excellent
[00:08] <jacobkosh> I am looking forward to reading it
02[00:09] * jacobkosh (Mibbit@161D67C.F200AF3C.184D5AC1.IP) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[00:16] <ell> night all
02[00:16] * Ell (~Elldren@cloak-7824DA7E.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Ell)
[00:17] <desc> alright T-money, I am out as well

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