At the Edge of All Things

Session 16
Sanctum move-in, Minerva Visits

It’s a Saturday around noon, a week after the last Consilium meeting. Who is likely to be at the Sanctum at a time like this, and what are you doing if you are?

No classes to teach on a Saturday so Elithora is there moving books to one place, then back, then frowning indecisively.
Blackjack is sitting in the chair, reading a book on vampire lore. Well trying to. He appears kind of distracted.
Saturdays are off, Aurelia is busy reprogramming her robot. (Why does it always wake up deprogrammed? So weird.)
Sinon arrives back at the Sanctum around 11am with a caddy full of coffees and a bag with various baked goods. He has been out observing the goings on at Vancouver General Hospital, memorizing names and routines.

BJ Side Quest Part 3
mr.a - (added the more tag)

BJ dials his cell phone, calling the number Janis gave him. Impresario answers the phone. “Hello?”

“This is BJ. I spoke with Janis last night about a private meeting. It is urgent that I speak with her today.”
“Ahh, Blackjack! Excellent. Janis is looking forward to seeing you. You’ve been to Chemical Wedding?”
“Yes, I know it.”

Session 15

Last time the cabal was attending the second monthly Consilium gathering at Vancouver’s Grand Masonic Lodge.  They met some people, schomoozed a bit, and were formally named and recognized.

Session 14
The Trial, part I

It’s been a month since the last Consilium gathering.  The last one was in a private ballroom of a downtown hotel; tonight’s is in a historic Masonic hall.  Rumor has it the hall is administered by the Guardians as part of “the Labyrinth” -their ongoing plot to conceal supernatural knowledge by funneling would-be magical seekers into dead-end secret societies. The location is a little more modest.  The Grand Hall, as it’s called, is a large house on West Eighth Avenue, north of downtown, kind of near Chinatown.

Session 13
Bleakscale V, Conclusion

Last time, the cabal and a team of Sentinels and Free Council Minutemen stormed the Vancouver Public Library to exorcise the Abyssal grimoire.  A team of Mind and Prime mages went to the archives downstairs to disable the traps placed on the book by the the mage who created it, while a larger group made a perimeter to watch for the unexpected.

And a good thing, too, as while it launched mental attacks against the mages in its presence, the tome also summoned the farthest-gone bleakscale victims – now thralls under its control – to its defense.  Skipping through space and past solid barriers with the tainted magic of the un-place, they fell upon the assorted defenders.

One of the grabbed Elithora by the neck, while downstairs, just as the last ward was about to be peeled away, Horatius was struck by the tome’s mental assault and went down.

Session 11.5

Last time, your cabal met with a mixed group of Sentinels and Free Council Minutemen as well as the Guardian Interfector, Harpocrates, to plan your nighttime raid on the central library building and the tainted grimoire within.
You learned that the book was the creation of a Scelestus mage, an Abyss worshipper, and is therefore likely very trapped and warded. Prime mages are needed to undo the wards, while Mind mages are needed to protect everyone from the book’s mental assaults. The others are there to help deal with the unexpected.

Session 11
Bleakscale, part IV

Last time, the cabal pursued some leads on the antique ley line map, and they led to a TruLife testing center, where Sinon went in and found out about how his middle-class ennui was the result of hidden alien ghosts and BJ broke into their security to learn that the TruLines charity is doing construction on ley lines.

A few days have passed since then.  It’s now Monday evening of the subsequent week, and the party has been contacted by Montesquieu.  The Consilium has done their research on the abyssal intruder in the library and is putting together a team to deal with it, and they would like your cabal in on the action.

Session 12
Sterling, Stalker?

The cabal has been phoned by Sterling, the Mysterium provost and network expert. He’s asked them all to meet him at a Starbucks downtown. He won’t say what it’s for, but says it’s important.

Session 10
Mysterium Map, Part IV

Last time, the four mages, as part of their search for the antique map of the Vancouver area’s ley lines, were caught during the investigation of Eschaton Properties’s warehouse by two Seers of the Throne.  After a short battle, the cabal drove them off, buying time to eliminate most of the Hollow Ones stored in the warehouse, as well as make off with one as a souvenir.  Now they’re holed up in a Guardian safehouse disguised as a disused auto shop and have decided to pursue your lead on the TruLife “spiritual community,” which has several offices located around the metro area.

Session 9
Mysterium Map, Part III

So last time, on a hunt for an antique map of ley lines created during George Vancouver’s first expedition to British Columbia, you guys tracked down a lead on Eschaton Properties, the map’s buyer, to a warehouse complex in Burnaby.
After breaking in, you didn’t find the map, but you did find an air-conditioned unit housing several container crate loads of Hollow Ones, people who have had their souls removed by an excruciating process to make them perfect vessels for mind control or possession by the Ministry of Paternoster.
With two Paternoster agents on their way, you freed the Hollow Ones and Aurelia seized control of their faculties with a group Mind spell. Then the warehouse loading dock opened.


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