At the Edge of All Things

Session 21

So! It has been one week since the Searchers made their play against the vampires of Vancouver and Sinon received the Antikythera Mask and its mechanism. What have you all been doing in the interim?

Elithora has been making headway in the backyard: Yanking weeds, attempting to tame the foliage, looking up different pots for plants.

Aurelia has been trying to fix the Hollow One, whom she has named Sabrina. She has managed to get her to clean up around the house.

Sinon made sure that the other members of the cabal got their ‘thank you’ gifts. Blackjack received a copy of /Commentaries on the Gallic War: Annotated by Aetas, Master of Time, Acanthus of the Adamantine Arrow/. Aurelia got a tablet mocked up as a poke-dex loaded with /Tobin’s Spirit Guide/. While Elithora received a cryptic invitation to the Sanctum on some night in the near future. Other than that, the Guardian has been busy networking—building up a new cell-based conspiracy of government workers, doctors, etc. Primarily sleepers, but sleepwalkers or mages if he finds ones amenable.


Untitled BJ Story


“And thus Taffy 3 fought the last major naval engagement of the Pacific theater. The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors allowed US Army and Marine forces to begin the retaking of the Philippines. “ David writes quickly with the chalk on the blackboard. “Your assignment is one of the favorites of internet historians everywhere. What if something had changed at Samar. Those whose last names start with A-M will write about what might have happened if Task Force 34 had gotten into position earlier. N through Z will write about what might have happened if Kurita had pressed his attack. I will expect this assignment to be around 1000 words and due next class period.”

Starting Tomorrow
'Will you ever see the world as I do?'

The final rays of sunlight fade from the windows of the attic.  The mass of paintings, antiques and rugs that filled this room previously have been extracted; leaving behind a rather large office.  Sinon pushes a pair of reading glasses up to the bridge of his nose as he looks down at a morass of papers atop his ornate renaissance-era desk.  Also on the desk is a large bronze box, adorned with levers and wheels reminiscent of a ship’s helm.

BJ Sidequest 4
Rings and First Dates

Body Hammer is beginning to fill up with the afternoon crowd, so finding a spot takes a couple minutes, and the public gym floor is intensely noisy, but as BJ descend into the “VIP” area the sound just fades away. Horatius and “Big Dave” are sparring on the mat, and the fat man is surprisingly dextrous, although he’s clearly the learner in this situation.

Session 20
Shadowplay, pt. 4

Last time, the cabal left off after contacting Lacey Chalke about the plan. 

Session 19
Shadowplay,pt. III

Last time the four mages went to Chinatown to meet with Miss Sakova, Llewellyn Shaw’s “collections manager” and ghoul. They got Shaw’s attention and Sinon suggested to him (fictitiously) that he would kill Lacey Chalke and frame Maggie Fang for the deed in exchange for the mask. The next step is to meet Maggie Fang, and they’ve heard that she tends to conduct moonlit rituals in public parks, such as the Botanical Gardens.

Session 18
Shadowplay,pt. II

We fade into an exterior shot of the Searcher’s sanctum. Through the window we can see Sinon talking to the rest of the cabal, his hands moving in a pantomime of an elaborate action sequence. Our view cuts to the interior of the sitting room, focused on the other members of the cabal.

Sinon Sidequest 3
Shadowplay, pt I.

It is the Monday following the rave at Ankh. We fade into Sinon’s office in the attic of the Searcher’s sanctum. It is a mid-size room, cluttered with antique furniture, ornate rugs and old oil paintings left behind by the mansion’s previous occupants. The Guardian has cleared enough space for a desk that appears as though it could be from Renaissance Italy, as well as a compact sitting area with a chair and side table. A series of barred windows rings the perimeter of the room, letting in more natural light than one would suspect from the view outside of the building. Sinon stands at one of the windows, looking out while talking on his phone.

Fate Has A Sense Of Humor

The office is occupied but has had little impact from it’s occupiers. It’s not huge – kind of an administrative cubbyhole – but it’s in a quiet corner of the building and bur it doesn’t have to shared with anyone. It has a smallish desk with a dinged-up older Macbook set in front of the seat. Pens are strewn everywhere but all of them are capped. There are two cold war-era metal filing cabinets passed down from who-knows-how many professors filled with manilla folders. Her desk has a small collection of thumb drives filled with backups of student work.

Elithora’s walls are covered in 8×10 sheets of paper tacked to the walls to make “posters” of curious chimeric animals, printed section-by-section. The effect enhancing the feeling of impermanence in a way that proper art wouldn’t. Clutter fills the room but fails to give it a sense of purpose.

Session 17
Rave till Dawn

It’s the night of the afternoon that Minerva visited the Sanctum, and the Free Council is throwing a party/political gathering at Ankh. Every mage in the city has gotten xeroxed flyers about it on bright purple paper. The flyer says there will be beats by DJ TLON UQBAR.

Sinon says to offer his regrets that he isn’t able to attend, and heads through a bookshelf to his attic workspace, apparently planning to pass the evening in solitude.


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