At the Edge of All Things

Session 24

Last time the caba; drove off the remainder of the Praetorian Guard Security force and broke into the vault of the Seattle Mysterium. There, they encountered a strangely-acting man who had gotten there before you – dark-skinned and with an odd accent, he seemed lost and confused, looking for something he couldn’t quite describe or articulate. Elithora cast her vision back to the moment of the…whatever it was that happened…and saw the lights in the Athenaeum flicker and go off, then this man appear in a scorch mark on the floor. He got up, confident and assured, and began searching the room.
Then, as she watched, he met her gaze through time somehow and hit her with a psychic blast powerful enough to nearly kill her. As she fell to the floor, the man (back in real time) smiled to himself. “Of course. Rattenbury has it.” and vanished.

Eli falling over backwards in fast-slow motion, geysering blood out her nose and mouth with the droplets syncing back into realtime at varying rates.

They hang there, suspended for one perfect weightless moment.

Startled, Goldman staggers backward. “What the hell?"

Sinon looks at the mystagogue, “Eli!”

Aurelia: “Holy fuck!”

“Shit!” Goldman says. “What do we do?!?”

Blackjack snaps up his gun, looking for threats. Moving closer to her.

“We make sure everything is here. We call home. Someone heal Eli.” Aurelia looks staggered but is fighting to keep focused

The Guardian reaches out his hand, as if it could enter the Primal Wild itself to grab the vital energy needed to repair her pattern. “Blackjack! Get Lefors! I want an immediate portal back to Vancouver!”

“On it.” The Arrow leaves, hunting for Lefors.

Eli is still completely unconscious and very near death.

Sinon rushes over to Elithora’s side. He begins to chant and cast his healing spell again. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.”

She jolts violently as Sinon’s healing takes effect, her eyes rotating back down to the ceiling. She starts coughing and gagging in confusion. She rolls to her side and pukes up a mix of whatever was in her stomach and remaining traces of blood and lies there for a minute as her breathing slows.

Aurelia: “Who the fuck was that guy?”
Goldman: “Did he leave through a portal?”
Aurelia: “We need to secure this Athenaeum! You think the seers are just going to give up?”
Goldman: “We didn’t HAVE many Seer issues in Seattle! I don’t know what to expect. Tell me what to do!”

BJ finds Lefors outside with the other Sentinels, hastily casting some warding spells on the perimeter. “Elithoria is down. Lefors, we need a portal for her now.”

Lefors nods tersely and follows you back inside. “One portal coming up…I hope this fuzz in the air don’t fuck with it too much, though…”

Goldman casts Grim Sight on herself, looking for residue of whatever the guy did.

Grim sight is showing nothing Death-related here beyond the occasional artifact that was probably used to kill someone at some point – a Zuni flint dagger, a wand, a book and so forth.

Aurelia casts a telepathy spell to contact Minerva.
She gets through, although there is..static from the Prime energy infused everywhere. “….Aurelia?”

Eli looks at Aurie, at Sinon, and then around the room, totally shaken and bewildered. She wipes her mouth and nose a few times with her hands and then looks at her hands in confusion.

Aurelia: “Fuck Eli, are you ok?”
Goldman goes to Eli and puts a hand on her shoulder. “Hold on. That looked serious,” she says.
After a moment she turns to Sinon. “Thank God you were here,” she says. “That was terrifying.”

Sinon, deciding the immediate emergency has passed, pulls out his phone and sends a coded text to Jones. Translated: “Hostile inbound after Hierarch. After Relic? Archmage or worse.”

There is a long pause and then a reply. “Acknowledged. Increasing security around Hierarch.”

Aurelia, mentally, to Minerva: “We have an emergency. Seers attacked the Seattle Athenaeum. There was… a scelestus or something in here. It nearly killed Elithora. We need help securing and cataloguing the contents. Also the… thing said something about Rattenbury and disappeared. You need to warn him.”
“….mon dieu….the Athenaeum should be secure soon. The Sentinels are on their way there, if they haven’t arrived already. I will try to warn Rattenbury. Take care of our Elithora in the meantime.”

Blackjack returns and moves over to Sinon. “How is she?”
Lefors comes in with BJ and hastily begins drawing a teleportation circle in Sharpie on the smooth concrete floor.

“She should be fine.” Sinon stands and holds a hand out to help her up. “In fact, she should be able to move around now.”

Eli stands up with Sinon’s help. She looks around and down at her bloodied shirt. “Um. He saw me. He saw me watching him from the present.”

Aurelia: “In the past?”

“What?” asks Goldman in confusion. “How?”

Elithora: “I don’t understand how. It shouldn’t be possible. He looked at me and then … a hammer hit my center.”

Sinon nods and pulls his black journal from his jacket. “Whatever it was that scrambled that mage’s mind may have been here.” The Guardian begins looking around for anything that may have been able to cause such an effect.

Sinon is able to conclusively determine that nothing here would have been able to derange the guy. There are things here with mental effects, but many of the artifacts are in kind of a state of stasis after being at the epicenter of this huge Prime explosion. Some have been ruined, others have shut down, like circuit breakers.

“I am going to try to see if I can find any traces of what attacked Eli.” Blackjack peers through prime sight.

Prime sight is kind of overwhelmed. It’s like taking a geiger counter to the center of a nuclear reactor

Goldman: “Are you okay?”

Eli looks to Goldman. “I don’t know. I guess so. What happened? How long did that take?”



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