At the Edge of All Things

Blackjack and Sinon Scene

Blackjack is waiting outside a local food truck near the University, he has requested a conversation with Sinon.

Sinon arrives riding a fixed-gear bicycle.  He’s in a red t-shirt, shorts and has a messenger bag strapped across his back.

The Arrow orders a gourmet burger covered in six kinds of cheese, along with Sweet Potato fries, nodding to Sinon and gesturing for him to order.

Sinon orders the Carnitas burger and fries with truffle oil.  “Extra Jalapeños.”

Blackjack takes his and finds a nice quiet space, biting into the burger with a bit of glee. “I am glad you could make it.”

Sinon nods.  “I had class, so it was no problem.”

BJ raises an eyebrow. “What degree are you going for?” Then munching away a bit more on the burger.

“No degree.  I just make a point of attending… interesting… lectures from time to time.”  Sinon dips a handful of fries in his chipotle aioli.

Blackjack: “Fair enough. I assume you already know but I was asked to be a sentinel. I am letting the cabal know although in your case I assume it is a formality.”

“The asking has been in motion since our first Staff Meeting.  After the Library, it was all but assured.” Sinon takes a bite of his burger and wipes his mouth with a napkin.  “Congratulations, by the way.”

“Thank you. But it does bring up something else. A personal request. You are starting up a business?” Blackjack finshes off his fries.

“I’ve been issued a business license and have begun hiring staff, yes.”

The Arrow nods to him. “Within my group, we are encourage to be generalists but reality often dictates a need to specialize. Mine is protection. Generally of bystanders. If some information crosses your desk that might help me with that, I would appreciate it being passed on. For now the minor players, the solo operators in particular.”

Sinon finishes his water.  “I think that can be arranged.  I can’t promise everything, but if it seems appropriate for a Sentinel to know… Also, if you need any opposition research—I have analysts who can look into that.”

Blackjack hrugs. “I am not sure what my duties there will be. This is more in the nature of a personal crusade. We all need our hobbies. And I may take you up on that but the things I plan on dealing with tend to be rather unqiue.”

“I understand the need for hobbies.  If you let me know the particular crafts you are into then I will make sure my people keep their eyes open.”

“Thank you. Now if you will excuse me, I need to attend a class on 20th century pop culture and propoganda.” The Arrow throws out the wrapper and little paper fry thing. “Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“You as well.”  Sinon gets back on his bike and rides across campus.



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